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Charlie Is No Darling

A Man of Religions

When he became hereditary head of state Charlie also became the “supreme governor” of the state church of England.

His adultery is contrary to Christian teaching but that is not expected to be a problem for him or for this state church. Why would it be when that church is not as ashamed to state that the head of state “is the highest power under God in this kingdom, and has supreme authority over all persons in all causes, as well ecclesiastical as civil”?

There have been news media reports that Charlie wants to change the monarch's usual title of “Defender of the Faith” to “Defender of Faith”. This is apparently because Windsor wishes to be recognised as a defender of all religious beliefs, not just Anglicanism.

This would require a change to the law. It would also require acceptance of the idea that the state church can keep its privileges and at the same time defend the rights of those churches that do not share those privileges. Perhaps God knows how he will explain to the government of Ethiopia that he is a “defender” of the Rastafarians who wish to restore the emperor to power in their country.

At least those of no faith can feel relief that Windsor does not wish to defend them, if not at the continued insistence of the state that he represents that they should be second class citizens at best.

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