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Charlie Is No Darling

Living Like a Prince

The British state told Mr Windsor that he was a "prince". He took it at its word and lived like one.

The British state gave Mr Windsor £20m a year in spending money. He spent it and did not bother to say Thank you.

He played the British people for fools and they bowed their heads to him

The multimillionaire Windsor told the Greek king "We pulled the short straw." Despite an annual income from the Duchy of Cornwall that has now reache £20m he complained that he was short of cash.

This lie was supported by his one-time private sectetary Michael Peat. He told a journalist that "Charles does not enjoy a champagne and caviar lifestyle." He claimed that Windsor had only one car and did not own his own home. In fact Windsor had at least six cars at his disposal and as many homes. Taxpayers spent almost £6m refurbishing one of these homes for Windsor in 2003.

Charlie Windsor is probably the most pampered, petulant and self-pitying member of his family.

At one time he had four valets. He had so many so that two would always be ready to help him change his clothes up to five times a day.

"Duty is what I live - an intolerable burden".
Charles Windsor

At home Windsor insists on being constantly attended to. An assistant stands by in his office until Windsor has gone to sleep. He subjects his staff to frequent tirades. Once when his office was not at the temperature he wanted Windsor complained that "It makes my life so unbearable".

While a "prince" he employed multiple private secretaries. At St James's Palace visitors were escorted by three footmen, one each for three sections of the corridor. Guests are sometimes assigned an individual servant for the duration of their visit.

Windsor refuses to use pesticides in his garden. So to remove weeds four gardeners lie face-down in a trailer pulled towed slowly across the garden as they pull out the weeds. Others remove slugs from plants by hand at night.

His private secretary John Riddell complained that "He comes in, complains that his office is 'useless' and people cannot spell and the world is so unfair, then says: 'This is part of the intolerable burden I put up with. This incompetence!' "

At home the needs of Windsor's guests are secondary. He will arrive late for dinner if he does not want the first course. But guests are warned that they must not start breakfast before he arrives. At dinner the prince has been known to seize a small bowl of olive oil for himself. At a lunch in India he protested when another guest tried to take a slice of Italian bread. That loaf was for him alone he insisted.

The movie Windsor most likes to show to guests is Gosford Park, which mirrors the class hierarchy he enjoys. Fellow movie-watchers have seen Windsor and wife fall asleep in throne-like armchairs as the film unfolded and the ice cream on their silver platters melted.

Overnight guests who attend a Catholic church on Sunday have met disfavour from the man who has said he would like to be the protector of all faiths.

After a weekend at his Sandringham home guests were asked to leave £150 cash for the staff or to spend some money on souvenirs from the estate shop.

When this man with six homes travels he takes along a chef, two valets, his private secretary, a butler and bodyguards. The police assigned to protecting Windsor are expecting to take on other duties also, including carrying a flask with a ready-mixed Martini and the special glass for this "prince" to drink from.

The police also make it easy for Windsor to speed in his Aston Martin car by blocking public roads for him.

When staying with friends he is unwilling to live differently to his home life. He sends a truck full of furniture to replace the hosts'. It contains complete bedrooms for Windsor and his wife, including bed linen, radio, toilet seat, lavatory paper, whiskey, bottled water and landscape paintings.

"Nobody knows what utter hell it is to be Prince of Wales."
Charles Windsor

The pampered prince also has his own organic food delivered rather than eat what his hosts might provide.

Sometimes he just decides not to show up no matter what trouble friends have gone to preparing for his visit. Once he explained that he just could not walk away from the beauty of his garden.

The fool who would reign over us
Charlie Windsor
Our future head of state: Admiral of the Fleet, Marshall of the Royal Air Force, Field Marshall, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cornwall etc. etc.

"People think I'm bonkers, crackers. Do you think I'm mad?"
Charles Windsor

To promote his ideas for revitalising village life Windsor once spent almost £19000 on travelling to a pub in Penrith on the special railway train provided for his family. He insists on flying only on private planes.

This is the true Charlie Windsor. Not a man of duty. But a self-pitying rich guy, waited on hand and foot

Acknowledgements: Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles Tom Bower.
Daily Mail.

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