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The British Republicans

"I do declare and promise that I will be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England as the same is now established, without a King or House of Lords."
Oath of Engagement, 1649 Commonwealth of England

Portrait of Tom Paine
Tom Paine

Britain's Republicans

For more than 350 years republicans in Britain have advanced the cause of democracy, fighting for the rights of the people. You can read more here about this proud British heritage that you will find little of in the version of history favoured by the British establishment.

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photo of Houses of Parliament

"Mother of all Parliaments": Republicans Banned

One class of citizen is not allowed to sit in the British legislature - republicans. A republican elected as a member of parliament who refused to swear loyalty to the Windsors would be expelled "as if he were dead" but only after being fined £500.

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Photo of armed British police officer
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Republicans Denied Free Speech
"Monarchy Is Racist" Banned

The Electoral Commission has refused to register "Monarchy is Racist, End Monarchy Referendum" as the name of a political party because, "in our view the proposed name could cause offence to voters."

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