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Charlie Is No Darling

Pocketing It Like a Oligarch

Charlie's main source of income before he became the hereditary head of state was the Duchy of Cornwall. Simply because he was his mother's son he was allowed to skim the profits from this public property holding, which consists of 53,628 hectares of land mostly in south west England.

In 2013 that gave him £19m. When you multiply that by the many years that he has lived off the people's wealth in this way, you see that this is looting on a scale that would shame a Russian oligarch. By contrast, the President of the United States is paid £179,000 a year for doing a real job. The Irish president is paid an annual salary of £270,000. Even Charlie's fellow monarch, the Spanish king, is paid only £343,000.

The fool who would reign over us
Charlie Windsor
Our future head of state: Admiral of the Fleet, Marshall of the Royal Air Force, Field Marshall, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cornwall etc. etc.

When he became monarch Charlie lost this income but now receives the profits from another Duchy instead. He is down to about £5m a year. But there is no need for too much concern. It will still all be in the family and his elder son gets what he loses.

The ways in which the Duchy maximises its profits has been criticised, particularly by people in Cornwall. It has been accused of putting profit before environmental and community interests, despite Windsor's claims to care about such matters.

The tax-exempt status of the Duchy has also been criticised. Charlie's answer to this criticism was that he paid income tax on the profits he took from the Duchy. He paid this income tax voluntarily as his superior genes exempt him from the laws that apply to other citizens.

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