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The Monarchy

Prince of Wales Consents

"Asked if the Prime Minister was content for the Prince of Wales to have power of veto over some bills, the PMS explained that it was established protocol as set out in Erskine May, 24th edition 2011 page 663. She quoted the relevant section: “the Prince's consent is required for a bill which affects the rights of the principality of Wales and the earldom of Chester or which makes specific reference to or makes special provision for the Duchy of Cornwall. The Prince's consent may, depending on circumstances, be required for a bill which amends an act which does any of these things. The need for consent arises from the sovereign's reversionary interest in the Duchy of Cornwall.” Asked if the Prince had withheld his consent for any bills, the PMS explained that we wouldn't comment on individual representations made but that the Cabinet Office had a list of the Bills on which the Prince of Wales had been consulted on its website. Asked if the list included Bills which hadn't made it onto the statute book, the PMS directed the Lobby to the Cabinet Office list. Asked if there are similar arrangements in place for any other member of the Royal family, the PMS referred the Lobby to Erskine May as the authority on the issue. Asked if the Prime Minister was content with this situation, the PMS explained that the nature of the process by which a Bill goes through Parliament is by virtue a consultation so with any legislation people would be consulted at various stages during the passage of that bill from Green Paper through to Act. Asked if the Prime Minister had any plans to update the arrangement, the PMS said she did not know of any plans to look into it."

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