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Republic's Breakdown of Annual Cost of British Monarchy (Published 2016)

Expenditure type Annual amount
Sovereign Grant £40,000,000
Annuity for head of state's husband £400,000
Provision of state buildings £30,600,000
Duchy of Cornwall * £92,500,000
Duchy of Lancaster * £27,300,000
Royal Collection £6,8000,000
Cost to local authorities of Windsor visits £21,500,000
Staff pensions £2,200,000
Police protection of family £103,000,000
Costs carried by government departments and Crown Estate £3,800,000
Lord Lieutenants £2,100,000
Bona Vacantia £3,400,000
Civil List pensions £100,000
Legal costs to block freedom of information claims £200,000
TOTAL £333,900,000
* Includes lost revenue and capital gains