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Lordly Legislators Vote for BBC
6 February 2015
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To Protect Monarchy Government May Ask Europe to Overrule British Judges
24 November 2014
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Tony Benn Heritage Rejected for Feudal Privilege
17 November 2014
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Court Rules - No Immunity for Prince
27 October 2014
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Scottish Independence - Windsor Puts Hand on the Scales
25 September 2014
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New Legislators for UK While The Hands of the People Are Tied
9 AUGUST 2014
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Government Gives Windsors Millions To Live At An “Ordinary Level”
27 JUNE 2014
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New Spanish monarch wears no crown where many despise monarchy
11 JUNE 2014
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Centre rejects Cameron call for respect for institutions
11 JUNE 2014
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The Gifts of a King to a Grateful People.
6 JUNE 2014
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Spanish Seek Freedom from Monarchy.
4 JUNE 2014
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Conservatives call for continued religious discrimination.
25 APRIL 2014
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Thai critic of ban on criticism of monarchy assassinated.
25 APRIL 2014
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The President of Ireland and the Queen of the Kingdom.
8 APRIL 2014
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Windsor letters – defeat for cover-up.
12 MARCH 2014
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Appeal court backs pre-emptive arrest of republicans.
24 JANUARY 2014
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Britain's Republican Future

Photo of bookmakers street poster saying Save the Queen Unload the dice

We allow a family to decide who should be head of state and to loot multi-millions from the people every year.

"We are not traitors, nor murderers, nor fanatics, but true Christians and good Commonwealth men . . . we sought the public good and would have enfranchised the people, and secured the welfare of the whole groaning creation, if the nation had not more delighted in servitude than in freedom".

John Cook, Solicitor General of the English Commonwealth before he was hanged, drawn and quartered by British monarchists in 1660.

So why complain that other families are allowed to own seats in the legislature? And when some own a seat, what can you say about other legislators who are appointed for life, maybe because they made a generous donation to one of the political parties?

Calling them "my lady" or "my lord" may be demeaning but it's just icing on the cake of real privilege.

And a state church, also with its own seats in Parliament, is at least useful if you enjoy being lectured on your moral failings by those who turn a blind eye to their own.

They all turn blind eyes to the Parliamentary Oaths Act, which excludes republicans from their legislature.

That is the United Kingdom 350 years on from when we first freed ourselves from monarch and lordly legislators.

It's been a long time coming. But we can do it again and more. We can make this nation one that is democratic in its spirit and in its institutions.

A British republic.

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Our History

17 March 1649: Parliament abolished monarchy
19 March 1649: House of Lords abolished
18 April 1949: Ireland became a republic
19 May 1649: Parliament declared England a commonwealth
2 June 1693: John Wildman, republican and Leveller died
8 June 1809: Tom Pain died
14 June 1645: New Model Army destroyed king's army at Battle of Naseby
29 August 1657: John Lilburne, “Leveller”, soldier, pioneer of free speech and democratic government died.
16 October 1666: John Cook, lead prosecutor of King Charles, hanged, drawn and quartered by monarchists.
29 October 1648: Thomas Rainsborough, republican, MP, Leveller, soldier, murdered at Doncaster, Yorkshire while resisting monarchist kidnapping.